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Trouble Caused By Fake Twitter Followers

Caused by fake Twitter followers

How People Can Get Into Trouble Caused by Fake Twitter Followers


Buying Twitter followers, which are essentially fake followers, is a cakewalk. You can go online, search Twitter followers or buy Twitter followers on any engine and you would get tons of links that can take you to a seller or service provider of fake Twitter followers.

These days, such companies are marketing their services and trying to sell fake followers as genuine Twitter followers, which is just another way to notch up some sales. The bottom line is: when you are buying followers on Twitter, you are investing in fake followers. There are no genuine Twitter followers being purchased, regardless of what the marketing pitches suggest.

Buying fake Twitter followers will land you in trouble, likely sooner than you anticipate. If you have a large fake following, its wiser to remove the fake followers right now, before its too late. If you’d like to know what kind of troubles you will get into, here are some of the obvious ones.


Trouble Caused by Fake Twitter Followers


Your Twitter Account May be Deleted

If you have a considerable fake following, then your account will get flagged over a fairly short time. Other users will report the profile, Twitter itself has an auditing process and there are software and networks that monitor such transactions or procurement of fake followers.

Whenever your account gets reported or flagged for fake followers, your account may be suspended temporarily. After this suspension, you will have to agree to a new set of terms and conditions which will assure Twitter that you will not buy any more fake followers. If you buy them again then your profile will get suspended again and this time it would be for a longer period of time. If you are a repeat offender or don’t take any actions on your fake following then your account will face permanent deactivation or a lifelong ban.

You may decide not to remove your fake Twitter followers and open a new Twitter account. But is that a desirable eventuality? Why would you spend months and years on an account only to have it deactivated and start over again? Think before you buy Twitter followers! If you’ve bought some already, then you need to remove your fake followers. If you have a considerable fake following, you should not delay your decision to remove your fake followers.


The Second Trouble Caused by Fake Twitter Followers is the Loss of Credibility.

It takes a lifetime to earn a degree of credibility or to build a reputation but it takes a whisker of a moment or a minor incident to lose all that credibility and reputation. Many people have paid the price of dwindling credibility, from politicians to celebrities. No one wants to follow a person who doesn’t have credibility. Social media is a place where there are lots of fakes and wannabes but the real followers, people who genuinely use Twitter as it is intended will never want to follow or hear from a profile that doesn’t have a good reputation. The very moment your profile is flagged, suspended or even suspected of having a fake following, people will start to doubt your credibility and before you know it, you will not be trusted any more. Whatever you write or post, will not be paid heed to. You may witness your genuine followers leaving your profile and not following you anymore. Are fake Twitter followers worthwhile to risk your genuine following?


The Third Trouble Caused by Fake Twitter Followers is a Security Problem

When you automatically follow-back, you allow fake followers to get access to your profile, you don’t know if they are secure, or if they will initiate spam or phishing attacks. There have now been many cases where a fake following has been used to gain access to Twitter profiles and launch phishing attacks. Genuine people following you may be spammed via direct messages from your account. Your followers may be sent spyware in links and several kinds of security compromises may happen. Do you really want to risk your own profile and the security of your followers’ profiles to boast about how many fake followers you have?

With fake followers, you are consistently at the brink of getting into trouble and more often than not, you will have one problem or the other. If you don’t have fake followers yet, then don’t buy them. If you have them, the best solution is to have us remove your fake followers promptly.

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