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Improve Your Social Media Reputation

Social Media Reputation

One Good Reason to Remove Fake Twitter Followers 


Social media reputation is quintessential to how consumers or clients perceive a brand. A company that enjoys impeccable social media reputation will be respected, hailed and will be trusted. A company or individual who doesn’t enjoy a pleasant social media reputation will see the stocks tumble. Social media reputation has become an indicator of a brand’s popularity, acceptance and its image in the minds of the audience. Every company must invest in strategies to improve its social media reputation, so should professionals and individuals who have something to gain by having a positive and credible image on social media.


Improve Your Social Media Reputation


There are many challenges that you would face to maintain your social media reputation. There will be mala fide campaigns if a brand is large enough. There will be vested interests and there will be faux pas. Often, social media has made companies vulnerable to criticism owing to something they posted or endorsed. It is a tricky wicket and everyone must tread the slippery slopes carefully.

One major challenge that aspiring entrepreneurs, budding artists or start-up companies will face is the curse of fake Twitter followers. A staggering majority of Twitter users have a share of fake followers. Some profiles have only fake followers while most profiles have a fair share of genuine followers as well. Regardless of how many active and genuine followers you have, you should remove fake followers from your Twitter profile.


How is Social Media Reputation Linked with Fake Twitter Followers?


  • If you have fake followers on Twitter, then your account will be flagged, sooner or later. Twitter may suspend your account temporarily and may eventually delete your account if you don’t remove the fake followers. This will be an absolute loss of your credibility and your social media reputation may be beyond redemption.


  • When your genuine followers find out that you have fake followers, they will stop following you. Some may keep following you but will not pay any heed to what you have to share. As a result, despite having a following, you will actually have followers who are not bothered about you or your tweets. Effectively, your entire Twitter campaign will be futile and your social media reputation will be nonexistent. When people start to un-follow you, your following will dwindle and so would your reputation. There will be some people who will not stop at just un-following you. They will speak to others about your fake following and your brand image or your reputation will take a further hit. You will struggle to regain your reputation and trust that the genuine followers had in you or your brand. These adverse outcomes will have disastrous consequences for any individual or company. As a business, your sales may take a hit, your market share will dip and you will need to invest a lot of time and effort to regain your social media reputation.

The two examples are only a part of the many adverse effects of having fake followers on Twitter and also two reasons why you should remove your fake followers.


Removing Fake Twitter Followers


You may not be guilty of purchasing Twitter followers as that is not the only way to get fake followers, albeit that is the most surefire way of getting a fake following. You may have some fake profiles following you for no apparent reason.

Some people follow others in the hope of being followed back and then don’t follow you anymore. Some people intend to spam others and thus start following various profiles to establish their own authenticity. Regardless of how, where and why; if you have invited the unwanted attention of fake followers or fake profiles, you should remove them to restore your social media reputation.

If you mistakenly re-tweet a post that is spam or has mala fide content then you will be party to the untoward exercise which will undoubtedly hurt your social media reputation. It is best to steer clear of all such possibilities and the only way to do so for sure is to remove the fake followers from your profile. Don’t take chances with fake following, it will directly impact your social media reputation in one way or another.

If you have bought fake followers or have acquired some without your knowledge, then you must remove the fake followers from your profile as soon as you can.

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