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Service Prices

Remove Fake Followers .com is a service, not a piece of software, that’s what makes us different. When you hire Remove Fake Followers .com to clean up your Twitter account; we use several advanced software products as well as manual labor, to do the job right.


To Do The Job Right


Remove Fake Followers .com will need to access your Twitter account to remove your fake followers. At the time you place your order you MUST provide the following information in the Paypal payment notes.

  1. Your Twitter @handle or link
  2. The password to your Twitter account
  3. The email associated to your Twitter account 

Once all your fake followers are removed you will be notified by email.


A Family Run Business


Remove Fake Followers .com is a family run business. The only people who will ever have access to your Twitter account are the Owner of the business and direct family members. No contractors are (or ever will be) employed by Remove Fake Followers .com.

The Owner, Don Dobbie has been providing professional Twitter reputation management services since 2011 on and continues to do so today. Don has removed fake followers for Hollywood Celebrates, Professional Athletes and Members of Royal Families. To read customer reviews or to order a small volume of fake followers removed follow this link to Don’s Fiverr gig.


Be Careful When Removing Fake Twitter Followers


Your Twitter account is a valuable asset; be careful when removing fake Twitter followers. At Remove Fake Followers .com we know how to discriminate, removing only the fake followers and leaving all your real followers. Only today’s best (and most expensive) management tools are able to effectively analyse and remove ONLY the fake followers. We’ve found that some solutions (such as browser scripts) are not very discriminant. Solutions like those could cost you thousands of REAL followers. This is why we recommend that you trust our experience for this task.


 How Many Fake Followers Do You Have?


If you have absolutely no idea how many fake followers you have, you can get a rough idea by using this tool. This link will take you to a third party site that we only reference for the purpose of understanding (roughly) how many fake Twitter followers you have.


Save $5 by Tweeting About Remove Fake Followers .com


We believe peer to peer promotion via social media is the best kind of advertising for our business. That’s why we’re willing to offer you a $5 discount on our service if you post a simple Tweet. By clicking the Twitter bird on the right you’ll be taken to a prepared tweet, with one more click you can send it and save yourself $5!


 Service Prices for Removing Your Fake Twitter Followers


  • Tiny Account – under 3000 fakes – visit Don’s Fiverr gig for pricing.
  • Tweeting discount will not be applied to Tiny Account orders, sorry.
  • Small Account $29.99 – under 10,000  12,000 fakes.
  • Medium Account $59.99 – under 50,000 60,000 fakes.
  • Large Account $99.99 – under 110,000 145,000 fakes.
  • Huge Account $184.99 – under 250,000 265,000 fakes.
  • Massive Account $274.99 – under 500,000 520,000 fakes.

Account Size

Queue and Refund Policy


The largest order will automatically be moved to the front of the queue. The queue is never longer than 3 days, regardless of the volume of orders. Most times the queue is less than 1 day. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. If you are not 100% satisfied we’ll work to fix any issues, or offer you a refund of your purchase.