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Reactions to Fake Twitter Followers

Reactions to Fake Twitter Followers

How Do Your Genuine Followers React To Your Fake Twitter Followers?


Many individuals and companies think its a smart move to buy some Twitter followers. When the objective is to get as many followers as one can, there doesn’t seem to be any apparent harm if one bends the rules a little or takes a different route to get the desired following.

While you are free to get your Twitter followers in any way you want, the reality is that buying fake followers is not a very wise move. You may be pitched by companies to buy genuine Twitter followers but that word doesn’t mean anything, as long as you are buying the followers, they are fake. It is merely a marketing gimmick that sells the idea of genuine followers being purchased.

Those who buy Twitter followers do not realize that everyone following them will eventually become aware of their fake following. Sooner or later, and often right at the time when your following is naturally increasing rapidly, your fake following will be exposed and could be a big embarrassment. Most companies that sell Twitter followers deliver the numbers in about two to five days time. When this happens, the people who follow you, actually and genuinely, will know what is happening.

Today, you can’t fool anybody.


Reactions to Fake Twitter Followers


  • Right at the onset, your genuine followers will stop taking you seriously. They will not pay heed to what you have to say, post, share, discuss or put forth in any manner. The genuine followers of yours will stop being interested in your existence on Twitter. They may still be following you but will simply slide down their screens or timelines ignoring all your tweets and re-tweets, comments or favorites. Eventually, you will notice that your genuine following is not being active or interactive with you.


  • Over time, your genuine followers will simply stop following you. This may happen right away as well if you are not a very important persona already. Unless your genuine followers have something really to benefit from by following you, or you have something unique to offer them, they will not want to follow a fake account. A fake or spam account is essentially what your profile will become with a huge or increasing fake following. To save these genuine followers from leaving you, it is necessary that you remove your fake followers. There is no other way. Obviously you cannot go public with reasons why you bought fake followers in the first place, just simply remove them. Further, investing more money to get more fake followers to compensate for lost genuine followers would be a disaster, so don’t do that either.


  • While many genuine followers will simply stop following your profile and take no further action, some followers will not be so aloof and will report your profile. Twitter’s servers have an audit process to monitor accounts with fake followers and there is an option for every Twitter user to report profiles for specific reasons. Your account may get reported by many genuine followers which will lead you to having your account flagged. This may lead to temporary suspension and if you don’t remove the fake followers then you may be inviting a permanent suspension or deletion of your account.


  • Your genuine followers paying no heed to your posts, you losing your genuine following and getting your account reported or flagged are one end of the story. The other end of the story is if your profile goes viral because of having fake followers. There can be some followers who will not stop at reporting your profile but will tell others. Even if two thousand people in a given area or in a certain social circle get to know of your profile having fake following, there are chances of such an update reaching many other people. While you would have always wanted to go viral with something about you or your products and services, fake following is certainly not the reason why you would want to go viral.


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