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Different Kinds of Fake Twitter Followers

Kinds of Fake Twitter Followers

Almost anyone who uses Twitter will be aware of different kinds of fake followers. The menace has caught on, and by some estimates its a multi-million dollar industry. Some of the biggest names in politics, music and even movies have been found to have fake followers. From Oprah to the French President, from the corridors of Hollywood to religious leaders, they have all had their share of fake followers.

What you have to understand is that there are many ways to get fake followers. You don’t always have to buy to get fake followers. If you wish to keep your account completely authentic, then you must be conscious about the quality of the Twitter accounts following you and if needed, you should hire Remove Fake Followers .com to remove your fake followers.

Fake followers are undesirable, period. They can lead your genuine followers to stop following you. Your profile can get flagged and temporarily suspended.  You’ll lose your credibility and if you don’t remove your fake followers after warnings from Twitter, you risk having your account deleted permanently.

Here is a quick guide to the different kinds of fake Twitter followers; you may have some or many in your profile.


Different Kinds Of Fake Twitter Followers


  • The most common or widespread kinds of fake Twitter followers are those that you can buy. These followers are actually generic profiles which have been created for the specific purpose of following people who pay for the service. When you check out such profiles, you will see them having no images, very generic names, the profiles will not be very old and they will hardly have any activity on their timelines. Most fake followers don’t have anyone following them but they tend to follow hundreds and thousands of people. These profiles also don’t have any tweets of their own, nor do they re-tweet anything and they are never active or online. These profiles are simply used to increase the number of followers for you when you pay for it. You should avoid buying such types of fake followers and if you have already bought them then you should remove fake followers.


  • Then there are other kinds of fake Twitter followers, who don’t have inactive or absolutely fake profiles but will follow you for a swap. There is a perception among many people that if they follow other people, those people whom they follow will follow them back. This ‘you pat my back and I pat yours’ concept exists in many social networks and even to an extent on Twitter but this practice doesn’t take one anywhere. When such people or profiles follow you on Twitter, you can be almost certain that it would be for a short period of time. People, who have a strategy of following others just to get them to follow back, will stop following you after you have followed them. They cannot go on following every profile in the world which will jam their timeline and they will not be able to sieve through all that information to find what is relevant to them. These profiles or people are not typical fake followers but their approach and strategies make them fake followers for you.


  • The most dangerous kinds of fake Twitter followers have been created by people with malice intentions. They follow people only to spam them and bombard them with links which will lead them to security problems. Phishing attacks are common, spreading virus and spyware through links and embedded in images on websites are also very typical. When you come across profiles of people that have no connection with you and they don’t seem to have any other purpose apart from posting shady links or suspicious website information, you should take a step back, report the profile if you want and certainly block the person from following you. There have been numerous instances when people have been spammed by their own followers and such cases have involved serious security concerns. Twitter and similar sites always try to put in checkpoints that can keep such people out and such profiles deactivated, but you are likely to have some currently following and you may need to promptly block these fake followers.


If you have bought fake followers or have acquired some without your knowledge, then you must remove the fake followers from your profile. Don’t even try removing tens of thousands of fake followers on your own. It is an extremely tedious process to do manually.

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