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Fake Twitter Followers and Klout | Kred Score

Fake Twitter Followers and Klout

Twitter is the social networking site that allows you to communicate to the world in short snippets of information. Many businesses and brands use Twitter to stay connected to their customers. Many bloggers use Twitter to stay connected to their readers. There are many companies that advertise their brand or product on Twitter, developing a direct connection with their global customer base.  Since Twitter is such a public forum for public relations, users tend to evaluate companies’ Twitter profiles before they engage in business. One of the evaluations that users will do is to evaluate the profiles’ Klout or Kred score.  Klout and Kred scores are based on how much reaction you receive from your posts and how much interaction you participate in.

Fake Twitter Followers and Klout | Kred Score


Having fake followers looks poorly on your Klout and Kred scores. Klout assigns a number from 1-100 to each user representing your influence over others across all your social networks. Klout uses an algorithm to compute all your social media activity and report an average score of how influential you really are. Since fake followers will NEVER interact with your posts,  having tens of thousands of fake followers will drastically change the ratio of people who react to your posts when compared to your total followers.

Your Kred is an accumulated score of your influence on Twitter and Facebook. Kred assigns a number between 1-1000 the higher the number, the more influential you are considered. Kred also calculates how interactive you are with your followers on a scale of 1-10.  As with Klout, the more followers you have, the more interaction your profiles should have. Having a lot of fake followers will have a negative impact on both your Klout and Kred scores.

Fake Twitter Followers and How They Effect Your Klout and Kred Scores


Twitter is not a race to get the most followers. Quality on Twitter looks like an organization or individual engaging and interacting with followers, with followers engaging back. Klout and Kred directly measure  how much your followers interact with you, the amount of tweets you send, the amount of retweets your posts get and how many people favorite your content.

Most people don’t understand the impact of interaction on Twitter in relation to their Klout and Kred score. It’s very important to keep the fake followers to a minimum and to participate daily on Twitter. By tweeting updates you are giving your followers something interesting to interact with, hopefully. The best interactions are ones that cause an emotional reaction from their followers causing a lot of comments and retweets. The more popular the post, the more Klout and Kred you will get from that post. Klout and Kred are both calculated daily.

For the Many People Who Use Twitter for Their Business or Career


When the majority of your followers are inactive or fake accounts this reflects so poorly on your Social Influence ranking that it actually leads to poor Google page rank! This could have a negative impact on your business if you have a lot of fake followers and you have been promoting your website – you could be doing your business website serious harm! 

Some fake followers are accounts that have been hacked for the purpose of selling ‘real followers’. Once the hacked account holder reports that they didn’t follow your account, you’ll be flagged for life as a spammer, which makes it very difficult to build a legitimate brand. If you want opportunities to arise from your Twitter account, you will need legitimate followers and to avoid flags.

How to Remove Fake Twitter Followers | Restore Your Klout and Kred Score


To maintain or restore your Klout and Kred score, you will have to block all the fake accounts that are following your Twitter account. To do this is by yourself is very time consuming and aggravating. Removing thousands of fake followers one by one is tedious and difficult.

Remove Fake Followers .com will help you by blocking all of your useless fake followers. We’ll take the time to go through each and every one of your followers, making sure they are real accounts with real activity, removing all spammers and fake accounts. We’ll make sure your Klout and Kred scores are not in jeopardy of losing points because of a ‘high fake following ratio’.

When it comes to Twitter in the view of Klout and Kred, the most important factor is not the quantity of followers but the influence you have on the volume of followers you have.  So, its much more influential to get 60 interactions from 500 followers, than it is to get 60 interactions from +10,000 followers.

There are many other benefits of removing fake Twitter followers, but the real question is, “how can you remove your fake followers quickly and easily?”  If you bought 2500 fake followers or more, you cannot realistically remove all of your fake followers on your own. It is a tedious process, you won’t have the time at your discretion and you may not be able to complete the task for several weeks.

Consider how much damage could be done in the time it would take you to remove the fake followers yourself. Plus, you’ll need to know which profiles are fake, and understand the advanced tools to detect and remove them, or you’ll have to manually remove each one – which is not practical.

For all of these reasons, you should let Remove Fake Followers .com provide you with the service of removing all of your fake followers for you. —> Pricing 

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