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Blocking Fake Twitter Followers | How To Do It

Blocking Fake Twitter Followers

OK, so you have fake Twitter followers and you want to get rid of them, for one or many reasons. You may be asking; how to get rid of your fake Twitter followers SAFELY?

The biggest risk you face when you are blocking fake Twitter followers is blocking your real followers. This is only one of the reasons why you should trust us to block your fake Twitter followers for you. We know you’ll want to do some research first so, we’ll explain how to block fake followers yourself.


Blocking Fake Twitter Followers


First you need to know what you are looking for so that you can identify fake Twitter followers. There are services that can create a list of all of your fake followers so that you don’t need to manually search them out. However, they offer no help when it comes to blocking fake Twitter followers. We don’t recommend that you seek out a list, unless you truly intend to manually block your fake Twitter followers. Fake Twitter followers come in a few main types:

1 – Empty accounts created by bots, sold by vendors. They tend to have generic profile pics and incomplete profiles. Normally these accounts have less than 100 followers and follow up to 2000 accounts. The dead giveaway is a Twitter profile name that includes a string of random numbers at the end, or if the same picture is used over and over again to create several Twitter accounts.

2 – Spam-bots created by demi-hackers and deployed by unscrupulous marketers. They look just like an empty account but act like a virus. Spam-bots will send you direct messages with links that could compromise your Twitter account, email account or your hard drive contents.

3 – Compromised accounts that have become victim to a spam-bot user. These accounts look real but they are at the bidding of a black-hat Twitter user. They act just like spam bots, messaging all their contacts with harmful links. Compromised accounts are easy to find if they’ve targeted you with spammy messages, however if you’re further down the list than they’ve been able to get, you’ll have a real tough time identifying them.

4 – Auto follow accounts that are churning followers. Churning (or churn) is against Twitter’s terms of service which states: “You may not use the Twitter service for the purpose of spamming anyone.” and that it is considered spam “If you have followed and/or unfollowed large amounts of users in a short time period, particularly by automated means (aggressive following or follower churn)”

Twitter’s terms of service states that purchasing or selling followers is considered spam and can result in your account being permanently deleted.  


How to Block Fake Twitter Followers


Twitter gives you everything you need to block your fake followers… if you have a lot of time to invest in the task.

  1. Click on your followers tab
  2. Find the fake follower you want to block
  3. Just to the left of the follow button, there is a gear icon – click it
  4. In the drop-down that opens, select the 5th option from the top – block or report
  5. In the pop-up that takes over your screen, select the reason you are blocking the account
  6. At the bottom of the pop-up click block – Congrats! You’ve just blocked one fake Twitter follower.


Tools for Blocking Fake Twitter Followers


Tools for blocking fake Twitter followers are NOT all created equally. In fact many of the tools that people are using today are very dangerous. The available tools usually fall into one of these categories:

  1. Totally useless free apps,
  2. Browser scripts, or
  3. Paid software with lots of hidden fees.

The free apps for blocking fake Twitter followers are totally useless, period. There are lots of free apps that will create a list of fake Twitter followers for you to block, that’s great… But the filters on each app are unique, the free apps may do a good job of detecting one kind of fake Twitter followers but a poor job of detecting other kinds. Most free apps don’t provide a means for you to actually block the fake followers, referring you back to Twitter to do it manually.

Browser scripts are very dangerous for the average Twitter user to employ. Only with a solid background in website coding and API should somebody use browser scripts to block fake Twitter followers. Browser scripts are dangerous because it would only take a few incorrect clicks to block some or all of your real followers.  Not only that, browser scripts are complicated to use correctly and the filters are not always accurate in detecting all of the kinds of fake Twitter followers.

Paid software solutions exist, however they are riddled with lots of hidden fees. Normally you’ll have to pay a membership fee, then you’ll be charged a huge hidden fee based on the volume of fake Twitter followers you need blocked. Also, software like this is complicated to use. It’s very easy to end up accidentally following 5000 or more fake Twitter followers that you intended to block!  


Blocking Fake Twitter Followers for Free Doesn’t Work


The best free tool for blocking Fake Twitter followers is I say that its the best of the free tools, however in reality its totally useless. I say that its useless because:

  • The filters only catch 50% of the most basic kind of fake Twitter followers, empty accounts. Twitblock lets high-follow eggs and duplicate-picture accounts past it’s spam filters. 50% is not a good enough filter.
  • There is no quick way to remove the followers that it does find. Twitblock requires you to block each account individually, albeit with many less clicks than doing it with Twitter, it’s still a long process to even block a few hundred twitter followers. (roughly 400 per hour if your lucky).
  • You’ll max out your hourly Twitter API calls in no time. Twitter allots 2000 API calls per hour for your account, API calls allow other websites such as Twitblock to issue commands to your Twitter account. The act of scanning each follower with Twitblock uses up 1 API call, which is why;
  • You can only scan 2000 followers per hour and each time you restart the scan you start from the beginning, not where the last scan left off. If you have more than 2000 followers in total, you’ll never be able to do a complete scan on your Twitter account with Twitblock.

Twitblock is totally useless for blocking fake Twitter followers in any degree of volume, however it is still the best of the free tools. So if you have less than 2000 total followers along with 4+ hours to kill, knock yourself out. If you’re like the rest of us and don’t have an infinite amount of spare time, you should check out our pricing and have us block your fake Twitter followers for you.


Blocking Fake Twitter Followers For You


Remove Fake Followers .com is a service, not a piece of software, that’s what makes us different. When you hire Remove Fake Followers .com to clean up your Twitter account; we use several advanced software products as well as manual labor, to do the job right. 

For all of these reasons, you should let Remove Fake Followers .com provide you with the service of removing all of your fake followers for you. —> Pricing 

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