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Benefits of Removing Fake Twitter Followers

Benefits of Removing Fake Twitter FollowersTwitter is the most buzzing social media right now. It may not have the largest base of active members but it certainly has, arguably, the most significant presence among social networks and social media sites. Twitter is used by people from all walks of life, not to just connect with old friends, but to build new connections and learn about people. The primary reason why Twitter is so significant is its real time dissemination of information.

Today, most news updates break on Twitter. Celebrities take to Twitter to air their clarifications or to make their opinion known. Politicians and world leaders use the platform as a mode of direct communication. Brands conduct promotions, public relations exercises and even market research using Twitter. As you would imagine, Twitter is much more than just a social media website meant for some fun and entertainment.

Its the ‘real life’ backdrop and serious relevance of Twitter that makes fake followers so undesirable. If you have fake followers on Instagram of Facebook it is just as undesirable, however if you have fake followers on Twitter you have come to the right place to have them removed.


Benefits of Removing Fake Twitter Followers:


  • One of the primary objectives of anyone on Twitter is to get as many followers as one can acquire. Some people succeed in acquiring millions of followers, especially celebrities, famous sports persons and heads of states. Some struggle to get even a hundred followers. Depending on who you are and what you do, you will have a certain target regarding the number of followers, and you will want genuine followers so they can be of some use and benefit to you. No company or individual want’s to spent time or resources to acquire followers who are redundant.


  • Genuine followers or people who have some degree of influence on the Twitter, also known as influencers, will never follow profiles that have a great deal of fake followers. You may wonder if your prospective followers will be able to figure out that you have fake followers. Those who use Twitter regularly and actively will easily spot profiles that have many fake followers.


  • Among the many benefits of removing fake followers from your Twitter account, the most important one is being allowed to use the Twitter at all!  If you don’t remove fake followers there will be a time, sooner than later, when your account will be suspended or deleted completely. Twitter does this on its own; its terms of service agreement Twitter disallows the creation of fake accounts as well as having fake followers. When you have too many fake followers, your profile will be automatically flagged by Twitter.


  • If your Twitter account gets deleted, your information which you had used to create your account will also be blocked from creating a new Twitter account. This is certainly not a desirable development for anyone who intends to use Twitter on a long term basis, either for business or for personal purposes. One can always create a new Twitter account with a different email address, but having your fake followers removed keeps things simple, so you don’t have to start over.


  • Online reputation and brand image among consumers is quintessential to the success of any organization or professional individual. Would you give your respect to a fake profile or a company profile that has mostly fake followers? Not likely. No one wants to do business with a company that is not completely genuine or with an individual who doesn’t engage in ethical practices. If you remove the fake followers from your Twitter account, then you can retain your brand image and online reputation.

There are many other benefits of removing fake Twitter followers, but the real question is, “how can you remove your fake followers quickly and easily?”  If you bought 2500 fake followers or more, you cannot realistically remove all of your fake followers on your own. It is a tedious process, you won’t have the time at your discretion and you may not be able to complete the task for several weeks.

Consider how much damage could be done in the time it would take you to remove the fake followers yourself. Plus, you’ll need to know which profiles are fake, and understand the advanced tools to detect and remove them, or you’ll have to manually remove each one – which is not practical.

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